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Where have people studied abroad?

Just wondering if anyone has gone on exchange and/or studied abroad. Please post:

1) Current Program
2) Exchange University


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  • Hi Saadi,

    I have no personally gone on exchange yet but I do hope to in my 3d year at OCAD U where I am currently taking a BFA in Drawing and Painting.

    I don't know what program your in but most schools have sister school and specific for different programs. For example I am able to go to non-specialised schools but I can also go to the Art Institute of Chicago.

    In my third year I am hoping to take a year in Florence where OCAD has their own campus and school. Otherwise I would consider France or Rome because of the great heritage and lineage of art.

    You want to consider going somewhere that will be beneficial to your program but also somewhere you're interested in.

    I hope this helps.
  • Hey Saadi,

    I have (very unfortunately) not managed to go on any full-blown exchanges...

    However, my girlfriend currently attends University of Guelph for Marketing and she is currently being offered a summer semester exchange in 2016 to various countries like Australia, Scotland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, and more! She was also offered a heavily discounted 5-day trip to New York City last November, due to being a member of the CBESA (College of Business and Economics Students' Association). Luckily I was able to tag along! :)

    If you're looking for travel and exchange opportunities prior to admission, be sure to do a quick google search for them with each school. Most institutions have pages on their website dedicated to them that you can find very easily! Here is UofG's page, for example:

    There are always similar opportunities within clubs and extra-curriculars as well!
  • Hey Andrew!

    I'm technically studying abroad right now. I grew up in New Delhi, India and just moved to Toronto for graduate school. I'm currently a student at OCAD University studying Digital Futures. I've travelled quite a bit over the last few years. Turkey, Norway, Dubai, Malaysia, India and China to name a few.

    I'd most definitely recommend the experience. I feel that we have a tendency to accept certain things as norms based on where we grow up so having those experiences and understanding different points of view from people around the world really helps shape who you are.

    OCAD has an exchange program with Delphi in Greece that I'm super keen on joining next year.

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