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Virtual / Distance Studies Courses Easier than In-person

Hi peeps,

I'm looking at taking some online psych courses with U of T distance studies. Are virtual / distance studies courses generally easier than in-person/normal school courses? I'm pretty independent so I'm not concerned about that aspect. Thx.


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  • Depends on the school.

    I took an online communications course via Grant MacEwan and found there was a lot of extra stuff like discussions that were bit cumbersome. I found it was easier to go to class (plus the added bonus of making contacts). And I learned a lot more from listening to classmates.

    Now I took a different online class via Lakeland College that was a basic course I needed. I found I didn't need the extra in-class discussions. The teacher included a lot of youtube videos and various materials to make it really interesting.

    I think a lot of important discussions is missed when not attending class in-person but online classes allow for more flexibility. Probably better to judge what you want to get out of the course vs. the ease of the course.
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