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Ways to figure out where you should head after graduation.

During my last year in school, I observed those people around me, from friends that are older than me to acquaintances with careers. I realized that some of them were "stuck" in jobs they hated, while some where working jobs they loved! I said to myself: Well, what should I do? Where do I head? What am I meant to do? What if I get stuck in a place I hated? and the list goes on....

How do you find out what you are meant to do?
1. You have to work hard to figure out what you want to keep or leave critical
2. Get out there and get to really know yourself. Get rid of any misconceptions and do what you want, not what others are telling you!
3. Read about different paths, ask specific questions and understand what is best for you. Know what your passion is and what your hobbies are. Can you turn your hobbies into a business? Or should you work on your skills and put them to use in a company.
4. Combine everything together, and take action. Don't be scared just do what your mind is telling you to do!

"Clarity…to understand what needs to change, specifically

Confidence… to believe in yourself that you can do it

Courage… to start engaging in the scary work of change

Commitment…to keep going through the challenges and do what’s required

Connection…to build a powerful support network and community who can help" - The 6 C's

And just remember that you can do what you set your mind to!!

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