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Chance of getting Ivey AEO

What do you guys think are my chances of getting AEO? It's driving me crazy.

Calc: 84
English: 93
Advanced functions: 99 (private school)
Food and health: 89
Com Sci: 93
Finance: 85

mktg mgr at a youth council
exec at school gym
General Member at Free the Children
gen. mem. at finance club
top 5 at DECA Nationals
Volunteered to teach autistic kids how to skate
Team leader for a charity run
Promoter for local theatre
Worked as counsellor at city camp


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  • Hello!

    Both your academic average and your extracurriculars looks solid. If you keep this up to the end of the year, I am confident that you will be a competitive applicant for AEO status.

    Hope this helps!
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