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Attendance in High School and University Applications

Hi everyone,
I don't have the greatest attendance record in high school. I'm just wondering when I apply to university do they look at your attendance record to see how many times you were absent or late? I haven't missed anything that would put a red flag, but I'm curious if I've missed quite a few classes will they see that and, if so, does it actually affect the change of getting in? Thanks!


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  • Hey Shuda,

    I think they only look at your marks, being overall average along with main cores. As long as you are keeping those up then you shouldn't have any problems. I will say that when you get into university, your absence is up to you, but make sure you are on top of things, because if you fall behind it is very hard to catch back up. So be prepared when you go to university, and if you need to take some time to figure your life out, do so. Also, depending on what you are taking you could end up with a bunch of group projects where if you aren't able to attend meetings or aren't trustworthy they do have the ability to kick you out.

    All the best,

  • Hey Shuda!

    As long as your absences don't get out of hand or affect your grades in any way, I believe you're okay! I don't think universities look at that when considering your application, I think they just look at your overall grades. I had the same problem in high school, and I was worried just like you are now! I got accepted to all three of my choices, so I hope that puts your mind at ease a little bit. In university, it is your responsibility to go to class, though, so just keep that in mind because it is super easy to get behind when you've missed one too many classes!

    Good luck in your applications! I wish you all the best,

  • Hi Shuda,

    I wouldn't worry about your absences, unless your High School brings it up. Think about it, the average university receives thousands of applications in December/January and is supposed to evaluate and respond to each and every single one of them by April/May. Whatever their acceptance process is, we can for sure say that its highly efficient and would only take into consideration the most important thing(s). That being grades and if applicable disciplinary problems (suspensions, etc.) If your grades match up to the standard of the school your applying too and you don't have any burning red flags, the absences should not affect your acceptance!

    Keep in mind - you're paying to attend university. The more class your miss, that translates to a couple hundred dollars going down the drain. If absences become routine in your post secondary career your consequences are not relayed on to you by your professors, its up to you to see the value in going to class and being present in all experiences.

    It may seem stressful right now, but once you graduate you'll think back and realize that you didn't really need to worry so much! Good luck on all your applications!


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