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Top Three Ways to Manage Final Exam Stress

Schedule everything!
Make sure to prepare a schedule to ensure you have enough time to study for each exam. Understand how much study time, each exam requires and study accordingly. This will take the stress out of not studying enough and it makes it easy to study far in advance.

While avoiding the gym during finals may provide you will more time to study. The cognitive benefits of working out, far outweigh the extra hour you used to study. Working out will help you relax, during this stressful time and also improve your ability to retain information.

During finals it will be easy to eat whatever is convenient. However, the type of food you use to fuel your body will affect your energy levels. Stress eating will result in low energy and lack of focus to study. I suggest you maintain a diet of vegetables and lean meats to fuel your body during this stressful time.


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  • Totally agree with these three! Awesome little top 3 Drew.

    Time management in exam season is definitely crucial to yielding those great results we all want. Especially if you end up with an unlucky exam schedule!

    Exercise and Nutrition... spot on! Couldn't agree more. Many don't realize how important this is for maintaining mental clarity, and being able to concentrate for hours on end.

    I might even add a bottom three... Not getting enough sleep, partying, and procrastinating!!
  • I would also add sleep as Andrew mentioned. Sleep is so important as it helps improve memory, spur creativity and sharpen attention, which definitely helps improve your overall performance and grades!
  • Thanks for adding on Andrew and Wilfred! Sleep is also very important and lots of people often forget to get enough sleep! During finals I made sure that I had at least eight hours of sleep! I would also like to add from personal experience, people often neglect exercise during finals!
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