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How important are supplementary applications?

I am a high school student in Alberta with a 87% average hoping to go into animal science at Guelph or U of S.

I was curious just how important are supplementary files in supporting your application? Do all schools do them now? I know Queen's has a PSE which sounds dreadfully time consuming.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Saati,

    Congratulations on your great grades! In my experience, supplementary applications usually arise when you are applying for more specific programs (ie - not general arts and science). I applied to general programs as well as design and visual art. For the later two, there was much more paper work involved, which made sense because they were looking for specific things in an applicant. For general arts schools look at your overall marks, but if you want to enrol in a specialized program the administration will want to know your marks for more specific courses.

    It can go two ways - either you apply for general arts/science, get in and then have to work your way into your desired program. Or you take the extra time to do/read the paperwork for your desired program and get in that field. Both can be beneficial depending on how committed you are to one field of study. I wish you good luck in all your applications, and hope you can find the right program for yourself!

    All the best,

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