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High School Regrets

I'm wondering if anyone is in their last year of high school or is a high school alumni. What was your biggest regret during high school? I think it would be cool to compile a list out of curiousity and to benefit younger high school students.

Here's my list:
- I regret not taking french throughout high school (I stopped at grade 10).
- I regret not doing the Explore program

I probably would have been going into a different career/field had I taken french.


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  • I would have to say that my regrets for high school are:

    -Not taking a second language, I probably would have taken German since my high school offered it.
    -Not nipping my procrastination in the bud because that has come back to haunt me a few times now in college.
  • Hey There!

    I would say my biggest regret was not trying any sports. I did gymnastics for most of my life which was awesome, but now that I am done I don't know what to do to stay active! I always wondered how I would have been with rugby or football.

    If you ask me High School is a time in your life that you should be exploring things. Cause once you hit University, if you fall behind you are likely to stay behind and you can't fix it. At least in High School you are able to get second chances and should have the time to explore!

    What do you guys think?
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