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Why do a Thesis?

So I was talking to my friend and apparently she is stacking as many units as she can for a thesis in 4th year so that she has more time for applications and interview/MCAT prep.

Does doing a thesis have an advantage over 'normal' courses in 4th year?


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  • Hey,

    To give you some insight, I completed a thesis project in my fourth year and I saw a great advantage in doing so. However before I divulge I'll disclose that my program may be slightly different from yours as I went to a visual art university and I was not preparing for a big test or interview.

    Along with the six hour thesis class I attended each week, I was also enrolled in three other courses. This is the standard amount for a full time student, however some of my peers opted not to take as many courses as I did and still managed to graduate on time (thesis is counted as 2 credits versus a regular class - I took a minor and therefore needed extra credits). So I felt I had the experience of both the intense thesis program and the fluidity of regular classes. That being said, I tried my best to pick courses that were relevant to my thesis project. This saved me a lot of time in the research process as a fair amount of it was being presented to me by a number of different professors.

    Although, the best thing about doing a thesis project really comes down to the amount of freedom you're given. You're allowed an entire year to work on a project that is solely your own - it wasn't assigned to you nor was it a preconceived idea with right and wrong answers. Its up to you to figure things out and create a dialogue around an idea that you care about. Also, if you plan on finding a career path in your field of study, doing a thesis project gives you a head start on what 'real world' work can be like. The structure of thesis class (being very open ended) also gives you the opportunity to learn great time management skills and independence.

    I tend to associate completing a thesis project with personal growth and academic freedom - and because of that I would highly suggest every student give it some consideration.


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