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Getting into UBC Sauder and SFU Beedie

Hi everyone! I'm in high school in Vancouver and graduating this year. I'm curious as to the likelihood of being accepted into Beedie or Sauder based on my current EC's and academics.

Econ: 91%
Pre-Calc: 92% (first time) 97% (second time)
French: 88%
English AP: 87% (first time) hopefully 90% (second time)

I'm thinking my average will be around 94% by end of exams in December.

Here are my extra-curriculars:
*In School*
1) Grad Council Exec
2) President/ Founder of environmental club
3) Exec of mntn biking club
4) Member of food club
5) Peer tutor
6) Yearbook committee designer

*Outside Of School*
1) UBC IGNITE Case Comp 1st Place
2) Kiwanis contest (didn't do very well though!)
3) 149 volunteer hours at food bank
6) Young Writers Canada work published in book
7) Level 9 in flute


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  • I got into Sauder in 2012, and as far as I remember, Sauder looks at both your academic standing and your EC's (50/50). My average was 93% and I was fairly active in EC's and outside school as well. Judging by your current results and experiences, I would say that it's highly likely that you'll get into Sauder. But don't quote me on that... and good luck! :P
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