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Interviews 101

Hey guys!

This post is really just about helping people get that internship/job that they really want. Now that's a really big statement to make and I'd like to immediately say that of course, what I'm saying might be completely incorrect but as a person who's been both an interviewer and an interviewee on multiple occasions, I'm hoping I can provide some insight into the process.

Firstly, it's important to remember that we're all people. We all get nervous when that job/internship that we've always wanted is solely dependant on the impression we leave with a potential interviewer. I'll try putting down some basic tips/things to do before that big interview.

- Always be on time, if possible, be early: I really believe that it's super important to appreciate someone's time, specially in work setting. Being on time, just shows that you're super keen and professional.

- Always do your homework: Knowing about the company you want to work for and the people you want to work with really helps you understand what you're getting into and shows your potential boss that you're serious about working there. This also suddenly gives you something to talk about beyond your work experience and what's on your resume.

- Follow up but don't pester: Finding a balance between checking back on that job verses just spamming your potential boss with a bunch of emails is really important. I'd say always send a follow up email after your interview and then prod and ask when would one hear back on the job, if they do get back to you with a date, wait till that date and email back a day or two after if you don't get a response.

- Be passionate: This ones really just for me. I always look for people who're passionate and driven. These are the people you always want on your team. They're the ones who are willing to learn and willing to put in the work because they really love what they do.

- Know what you're getting yourself into: Your dream job won't always be a dream job. Remember that, I've noticed a lot of times how interviewers always temper one's expectations because they know that it's not all cookies and roses. Work can get tough and everyone does have bad days. It's about knowing what you want from it and why you're actually there.

If you guys have any more queries, feel free to comment below.

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