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Save 10% on ALL Textbooks & FREE 2-DAY Shipping

An Amazon Prime membership is $99/yr. Amazon Student membership is $39/yr. which gives you the EXACT same benefits PLUS you save 10% on textbooks. You also get a 6 month free trial to start off!!

But is it really worth it? Let's break it down for you! Let's say you buy 2 textbooks off of Amazon...

With a 6 month free trial, at $39/yr. You essentially pay $19.50 for your first year. This equates to $1.62/mo. for the year.

Without Amazon Student:
2-Day Shipping = $5.49
Book 1 = $120
Book 2 = $75
Total = 200.49

With Amazon Student:
2-Day Shipping = FREE
Book 1 = $108
Book 2 = $67.50
Total = $175.50

Difference = $24.99
Monthly cost of Amazon Student = $1.62
Savings = $23.37

In only your FIRST ORDER your entire annual payment of $19.50 is recouped.

Amazon Student is beyond worth it, it is free cash in your pocket! It only takes a minute or two to sign-up too.

You can sign-up here:
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