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The value of a University Degree in Math

I really like math and I'm thinking of going into it at mcgill, ubc, or queens... I also hear Waterloo has a pretty good math program. I'm curious though where a math degree takes you in life. What jobs and careers can you get with it?


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  • Hey cook,

    Many would argue that a "Math degree" isn't very job-directed, unless you want to become a math teacher. However, I would say that, judging by your post, math is what you absolutely want to take. You didn't mention any other programs you're also contemplating, so if no other post-secondary programs sound as good to you as the math program that you are interested in does, then absolutely go for it!

    I did a little job search for "Mathematics" on popular job sites like indeed, monster, workopolis, etc. and found that the currently available jobs seems to fall under three categories: Business (lots of postings by Banks), Data Mining/Analysis, and Teaching. If any of those jump out at you then you're set. :)

    Keep in mind, the most valuable degree or education is ALWAYS the one in the field of your passion. Having a high-paying and secure job after graduating is awesome, but it's not worth nearly as much if you're not loving that job!
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