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How important is calc to get into business programs at university?

Hey people,
I'm in grade 12 in the GTA and I wanna get into bus admin. I'm struggling right now on the 2 math courses (advanced functions and data). Do I really need calc in uni?


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  • Most universities will ask for at least 2 of the three maths for first year so you can avoid one. It will really depend on the program in the university that you take because some will want you to take calc. It probably won't be too much more advanced from what you're learning now but at least you'd have a bit of a background going into it. They do ask you to take math courses of your choice so I'd say they would be beneficial to have. I would look at the universities of your choice and from there try to decide if you should stick it out or drop for the sake of your average.
  • As a Commerce student at the University of British Columbia, I would say that math is necessary to a certain level, as maddy has mentioned. However, it all depends on what you plan to major in. Specializations like Finance and TLog (Transportation and Logistics) do require more advanced math while others like Marketing and Human Resources do not. I guess it depends on what university you're applying to and do check what courses you have to take in bus admin as they may or may not require you to take some core math courses.
  • Hi Sani,

    I was not in Commerce myself during my time at University, but I am always around University of Guelph with my girlfriend who is currently enrolled in their Marketing program (I actually tag along to many of her classes - including math).

    This is a huge topic for those applying to any University business programs. What I've found is that as long as you pass the required high school courses (usually Data Mgmt. and Advanced Functions) and maintain the average required with your other Top 4 University level classes you should have no problem being accepted. This is the good news.

    Getting accepted is great, but the real problem arises upon entering your first year math class within University... I have seen firsthand of people who have barely been accepted with their required high-school math courses being the lowest grades of their top 6, and they seem to struggle much more with the maths within their University program they enter. I don't mean to scare you away or anything like that, but I think what your best choice is right now is focusing as best as you can on your high school maths, because they definitely will not be the last taste of mathematics you will be getting!

    Don't ever be afraid to hire a tutor if you're having troubles! One-on-one learning is just proven over and over again to be so extremely efficient for educational progression.

    Good luck my friend!

  • Hi Sani,

    Recent graduate of Marketing from Alberta, I definitely did not need any advanced maths. I don't know how your system works as it sounds like you have 3 types of maths in Toronto, while we only have one main math, then you can take calculus if you want.

    Either way the only times I used any math was accounting (which was basic math, adding and subtracting), finance, and stats. All of which didn't need much "advanced" math, or it was a new type of math if you want to call it that. You also get a calculator for all of it also, so as long as you know how to use it, you will be fine!

    Hope that helps!

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