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New here? Introduce Yourself!

Hey there!

If you are new to the forum here at WELCOME! :)

Since this is the very first post within 'Social,' I thought that introductions would the perfect topic to kick off the socializing here on the site. I'll go first!

My name is Andrew Mullins! I'm 21 years old and from Barrie, Ontario. I've attended Carleton University in Ottawa as well as Georgian College here in Barrie; bouncing around a little between various programs... Despite my initial lack of academic direction, I have never ceased to love reading and learning, and because of this I finally found my passion in business and entrepreneurship. Since this discovery, I have started my own fitness subscription box business called 'GymBag,' and managed to win YMCA's Male Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Your turn! What school do you attend? What are your goals? Where are you from?

Introduce yourself. :)


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  • Hey there Andrew,

    Your story sounds inspiring since I've struggled with finding my own passion. I'm currently enrolled in a program that I'm not really sure is my thing. Maybe I need to revisit the direction that I'm going in. Thanks for sharing and giving me food for thought!.

  • Hey Guys and Girls!

    Brand new here, hoping this discussion goes a little further than just getting to know each other! That is a pretty cool story Andrew, do you have a website we can all check out?

    I myself am Kevin Quon, I am 23 years old, and from Calgary, Alberta. I have recently graduated with a BBA in Marketing and a Sport and Recreation Minor from Mount Royal University. There has been a struggle finding a full time job in Calgary with the economy down, however, I have been working some really fun Brand Ambassador work! I get to promote things like Oh Henry, TD Bank, Playstation, or just new companies/ideas. These promotions are really fun as you get to work hands on with their products and best of all get to know people and help them make a decision about what they should buy or simply just get the product in their mind! Another great thing about these promos is there isn't really any selling pressure, so just as long as the customers are walking away happy and with something in their hands to remind them about the company, then we should be happy as well.

    I also was hoping to get into the sports side of things because being a former gymnast of 17 years, I just get the biggest rush when I watch commercials from the Olympics or even a simple NHL commercial. Having said that, I think my biggest goal is to become apart of a professional sport marketing team. As for now though, I would love to just get some experience which I feel like I am definitely heading the right direction!

    Thanks for the time, hope to hear from others soon!


  • Welcome Kevin!

    Thank you. You can check us out at: or on our most used social media:

    Awesome story from you as well! Your brand ambassador experience sounds like a really cool gig! Definitely an impressive resume addition. I am actually a bit of a branding lover myself! I would say that it is probably my favorite aspect of business. I definitely read the most in that realm anyway...

    If that is your ultimate goal, you should see if the Canadian Olympic team has any opportunities available! I recall watching them raise $2 million on Dragon's Den last year due to having some real financial difficulty. Maybe you have seen it as well... But it's definitely possible that they're recruiting on and off with that capital. :)



  • Hey guys! Thank you for your sharing. My name is Ann. Also a brand new here. I am a graduate studying in OISE. Currently, I am doing my M. Ed. in language and literacy program.

    Though I am going to start my career as a teacher or consultant in the education field after graduating from OISE, the stories of Kevin and Andrew reminds me of my own intern experience as a course consultant. I did that job in the summer of 2013, and my target was to introduce the school to customers and sell language courses as many as possible. I think the work content is quite similar to that of the Brand Ambassador. Anyway, that was the first time for me to try sale business. At first, I was expecting to challenge myself a little bit, because I was kind of scared of communicating with strangers, not to say trying to sell something to them. However, during the intern, I gradually enjoyed talking with customers. And I agree with Kevin that I got a great sense of satisfaction when I started to get to know people and helped them make decisions about which course is suitable for them and which is not. I didn’t feel that I was trying to sell the course but to make a better life for them. At the end of my job, I earned the highest commission among the interns.

    However, I am wondering what if I chose to sell other products that I almost know nothing about, say cars or cards, at that time. Could I still do a good job? If I was a more outgoing person, could I do a better job? Do you guys think the personality is important for sales jobs?

  • @shiwenya

    Hey Ann,

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    Sounds to me like you had a great experience as a course consultant! Love your story. It really goes to show that when you put people before money, is when you actually end up making the most money!

    I'm sure you would do a good job selling anything, but I would recommend you stick to what you know. This is not as limiting as it sounds... if you become interested in something, typically it ends up becoming "what we know." So if you know the absolute most about cars, for example, go out and be the best car saleswoman you can possibly be - this will be your best option as of current. But aim to eventually triangulate in on helping others, doing what you love, and doing something in the field where your knowledge, experience, and strengths all lie.

    You proved in your course consultant experience that when you care most about solving a problem, and develop some passion for doing so, you make the most money. So replace course consultancy with what you're most passionate about, and proceed to make a killing. :)

    Best of luck to you!

  • Hi Guys!

    My name is Jude and I am an Environmental Design graduate from OCAD University in Toronto. I loved my program and every moment I spent in the school. After graduating it was hard to find a job, I went in a big circle until I figured out what I want to do with my life and in finding meaning in what I am doing.

    I started my own business called By Three Design and I live and breathe design. Now I am slowly building it up while juggling other things on the side.

    I like to paint and to create art :)

    What do you guys like to do? Any hobbies!

  • Hi Jude,


    Environmental Design, interesting! That's not one you see too often, how did you decide on going into that field at first?

    Congratulations on finding your passion, it's definitely the most valuable credential one can ever earn! From business owner to business owner, I wish you the best of luck in getting to full-time status with it. :)

    Your website is beautiful, by the way! Keep up the good work.

    My biggest passions and hobbies are learning, business, and fitness.

  • Hey guys!

    I'm a graduate student at OCAD University, studying Digital Futures. I'm new to the city and very new to the program. I'm passionate about people. technology and sports. I have a background in advertising and spent the last 4 years working with large multinational companies as well as small creative/technology start ups. It's my first winter here in Canada and it's really not been as brutal as expected.

    I've also just joined this forum and hoping to help and connect with people.

  • @exilente

    Hey Leon, welcome to BestSchools!

    Very interesting mix of experience you've got there. What are the big and little companies that you've worked for?

    Welcome, also, to Canada! You've lucked out on your first winter here for sure. I think it's been around 10 years since most of Canada has been without snow and stormy weather this late into the winter months...

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