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How do you de-stress after finals?

Go on a trip, out with friends, drink your face off? How do you de-stress and forget about finals and the busy semester?


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  • My favorite thing in the entire world is taking a bath when I get home while listening to a few of my favorite podcasts.

    How about yours?
  • For me, it would definitely be going to the gym and taking it all out on the weights! It can be tough to fit it in, during the busier times of the semester but it's so awesome knowing that when you manage to get in the zone and forget about your stresses for a little while, that you're doing it the healthiest way possible. :)
  • It totally depends on what you enjoy doing. Sometimes I would play soccer with friends, watch some Netflix or just taking a walk to the park. It's great that you're thinking of ways to de-stress and not just focus on your finals (however your finals are important as well), it does help you calm down and even focus more when you do get back to your finals/busy semester!
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