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How to Find Employment after Graduation

1. Before you send out any resumes make sure your references contact information is correct.

2. When creating your resume make sure you tailor your resume towards the jobs you are applying for. For example if your only previous experience is in construction and you are applying for jobs in the Finance industry; try to relate your previous experience to finance. This maybe difficult, but you need to show your potential employer why they should select you, when you do not have the experience.

3. Create a new cover letter for every job that you apply for! This is very important, as you need to display in your cover letter that you read the job description and that your skill set is what they are looking for.

4. Once you are asked to interview for the job, make sure to research the organization and the person who is interviewing you. 5. During the interview it is very likely that they will ask you “What do you know about our organization?

5. Before the interview, make sure to prep on how you will answer potential questions. This will make it easier to relax during the interview.

6. Make sure to arrive fifteen minute before the interview.

7. Address the interviewer by their name, people love hearing their name!

8. After the interview, email the interviewer and thank them for considering you for the position.

9. Once the interview is over, do not stop applying to jobs!

10. Stay positive! Your dream job is waiting for you!
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