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If I could redo University, I would….

Join more clubs
Go to more school events
Volunteer at local business
Meet more people and develop more connections
Study abroad
Stay in touch with classmates after the class is over
Start a business
Attend more conferences


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  • I would definitely join more groups and clubs, for sure. I would've gone to more school and residence wide events in my first year, since it was so convenient already being on campus. I'd also attempt to talk to more classmates! Obviously, being in the same upper year classes must mean you have something in common, so it's a lot easier to start a conversation! Another big thing I would do is talk to my professors more.. they always say to do so, but I was so intimidated that I rarely ever did!

    Although it seems like I would do a lot more, I really did enjoy university despite not doing all of those things!
  • Hey Kelsey,

    Thanks for providing your insight!
  • If I could do University over I would probably take some more time to explore what I wanted to do after University before diving into the program I had initially gone into right out of high school. Coming out of high school, we are all so so young. Making this type of life-altering decision at such a young age is extremely stressful and can be very decisive of how the next ten or even twenty years of our lives will go. Not to mention that we are at the point in our lives where making decisions for ourselves is such a brand new concept. Most of us are initially fearful of this freedom because it is far from what we are used to and comfortable with. Not the best decision-making conditions!

    Naturally, I bounced around between programs a few times during post-secondary before settling into one program, as many do, and although I really believe this experience was key in leading me to my passions and what I wanted to study in school and for the rest of my career (something priceless that I would never take back), I think I could have arrived at this conclusion more time and cost efficiently if I had taken more time to explore my curiosities and desires before enrolling.

    I would recommend the same to anyone who may be unsure of their path through post-secondary education and their career. Most think, 4 years for a degree, that's not so bad! What most fail to realize though, is that the debt acquired from these 4 years may take 16 years to pay off with a job you're going to be getting from the same field. If you're going to be in one field of study/work for 20 years, you better make sure it's something you're going to love forever!

    Just my two cents. :)

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