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*AWESOME* New Productivity Tool Aimed at College Students (Geeky & fun!)

Just watched a really neat video on increasing productivity during the school year. There are some great tips on waking up earlier, finishing your days off with actually completed to-do lists, and more! I found one of the tools he uses and explains in the video very interesting.

You can watch it here:

It was called HabitRPG previously, but now it seems to be known as "Habitica." The premise of the application is that you are the user who creates tasks, to-do's, etc. and based on how well you progress in your personal goals, you will level up a video game-like character, earn money, and more.

His video that goes into more detail about HabitRPG:

What I found coolest is that you can use the app in a group environment and split the liability for your productivity. Meaning, if you and a friend were using Habitica cooperatively, if your friend decided to not finish a task on time, both of your characters would lose health. If you die, you will lose a level and some gear!! So if you can get really into it, you'll be held accountable for your productivity by your friend or group!

You can find the app and learn more about it on their website here:

Thought this might be a cool thing that the forum regulars might want to do together at some point. :)


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