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my career exploration story 1

I guess every university student feels confused or even lost when thinking about their career in the future. Which is the right way to go? Which industry suits me the most? How can I get into it? The list is just going on. Some students can easily find their way to go, while others spend a long time to find the right direction. My career exploration journey belongs to the later one. In the next few days, I am going to share some of my career exploration stories.

I am a graduate student in OISE, University of Toronto. Currently, I am doing my M.Ed. in Language and Literacy education program. Unfortunately, after taking some courses, I gradually realized that being a language teacher standing in front of students is not what I want. I love education field, but I did not know what else I can do. I felt confused, depressed and panicked when considering my career after graduation. More often, I felt lonely because I thought I was the only one who got lost in path of career exploration. That was a dark time for me.

However, things changed a month later after talking with my transit advisor about my confusion. She recommended Career Centre of the university to me, and advised me to find some resources there. Since the career center in my previous university is awful, I did not expect a lot on this one decided to have a try. However, at that time I did not know that it is so great that became my “life-saver” in my later career cruise.

In September, I took part in my first event in Career Centre called “Extern Job shadowing”. It is a program providing extern placements for students to get in touch with professionals who are working in the industries that they are interested in, observing, asking questions, and making some networking. After participating in the orientation and finishing a survey, I received a package of detailed guidance showing how to apply for the placement, what I should pay attention to when doing the placement etc. When entering the extern job database, I found many different types of jobs that I had not noticed before, such as publishers, consultants, and human resources specialists etc. Anyway, at that time, I could not think of any other areas other than education, so I applied for a placement of a language school. One interesting thing about the application was that instead of emphasizing my strengths, it required me to provide more details of my own value and interests. This really made me think if the career exploration is exactly the process of self-reflection and self-discovery.

A week later, I was informed that my application was accepted, and the placement was arranged in November. This means I had to wait for the placement for two months. Therefore, I decided to continue my exploration while waiting for it.

(PS: If you want to share your feeling or experience in career exploration, feel free to make comments!)


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