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Clubs in University

There are far too many clubs in University. Should I join them all or just a few? To get into med school, how many clubs were you apart of and what was your role? Thanks!!



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  • It depends on what year you're in imo.

    If you're in first year, I would say try as many clubs as you like and see which ones appeal to you. There are over a 100 clubs in university, so sticking to one club will make you miss out on other passions you might not have even realized.

    If you're in 3rd/4th year, stick to a few clubs. You'll probably be busy with school work and other commitments already, so focus on a few clubs that you're passionate about and try to be involved in the executive team too!
  • @user6

    The number of clubs you join is arbitrary. I would try to avoid looking at it as a number you are trying to reach. "Quality over quantity" remains true for almost everything in life.

    Join the ones you want to join, and don't join the ones you don't want to join. Realistically, you'll get nothing out of joining a club you have no interest in: relationships begin due to common interests, it can be easy for employers or admissions to see when you are in-genuinely "fluffing" your resume or application, and most people wouldn't be able to keep up with school, work, and any more than a handful of clubs - which employers and admissions also know.

    If you are ever being accepted to a program or hired for a job based on ONLY qualifications, it's probably not worth doing anyway.

    Just join what clubs you'll enjoy, and be you. :)

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