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Job Search

I'm looking to go to med schools in the U.S. and need money to be able to do so. I don't recognize what I am doing wrong as my resume is great, I've had a couple spare part-time jobs in research, great volunteer experience, decent evals., and so forth. Is it just a bad time for students overall?


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  • Are you creating tailored cover letters to go with your resume?
  • @Nicolas If you don't mind sharing, what is your past job experience and what type of job are you seeking currently?

    U.S. medical school is quite the investment. Good for you for aiming high. Best of luck to you my friend!
  • A lot of the times you have to walk-in the places you want to work at and try talking to the person in charge. Another thing that helped me in my job search, is writing targeted e-mails to decision makers in a certain company, and demonstrate how you are important for them. Don't ask for a job right away, but do the effort to connect with them first....LinkedIn does wonders!

    Hope this helps :)
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