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  • Review of the University of Saskatchewan

  • How hard is university math?

    So I am alright I guess at doing math but I absolutely hate it. A lot of programs in uni require you to take MDM4U and calc/vectors, but it'll bring down my average. In university, how much harder are math courses? I need to maintain AEO status.
  • University Book Fees Rip-Off

    How much did you pay this semester for books at school? Is spending more than $2,000 normal?
  • Questions about Ivey AEO Applications

    Hey people,

    I have mid-high 80s and I'm really hoping that my marks will go up second semester. I'm trying to take as many bird courses as I can.

    My extra-curriculars are:

    prefect exec.
    swim team
    leadership camp supervisor (2.5 years)
    volunteering in Thailand
    around 809 volunteer hours
    school basket ball team player (3.5 years)
    x-country team (2 years)

    Do I have a chance at getting into Ivey? Any alum or current people who can shed some light?
  • How important is calc to get into business programs at university?

    Hey people,
    I'm in grade 12 in the GTA and I wanna get into bus admin. I'm struggling right now on the 2 math courses (advanced functions and data). Do I really need calc in uni?
  • BMOS vs. BComm vs. BBA vs. HBA

    Is BMOS at Western pretty much the same as biz. programs at laurier-bba, schulich, or rotman? I've heard you can better jobs with BMOS than with bba/bcomm/hba - ivey? Im interested in accounting or maybe investment banking/finance.
  • Chance of getting Ivey AEO

    What do you guys think are my chances of getting AEO? It's driving me crazy.

    Calc: 84
    English: 93
    Advanced functions: 99 (private school)
    Food and health: 89
    Com Sci: 93
    Finance: 85

    mktg mgr at a youth council
    exec at school gym
    General Member at Free the Children
    gen. mem. at finance club
    top 5 at DECA Nationals
    Volunteered to teach autistic kids how to skate
    Team leader for a charity run
    Promoter for local theatre
    Worked as counsellor at city camp
  • Grade 12 Calculus Mid-Term Marks and Ivey AEO

    i'm in grade 12 and just got an 85 in calc. i previously took it last year and got 80. should i take it again to try and improve my odds to get into ivey?
  • Best Business Track - Trent, Guelph, Laurier, York, Brock

    Hi! I have an 82 average and decent extra-currics. What is the best business program out of the below for getting a good solid job (maybe +100K) after graduating?

    Law and Business - Ryerson (Ted Rogers)

    Business/Sports Management - Brock

    Bachelor of Business Administration BBA - Trent

    Bachelor of Business Administration BBA - Guelph

    Bachelor of Business Technology BBT - Laurier

    BMOS at Western
  • Waterloo or Laurier for Kin

    I'm interested in kin and maybe a minor in psych. I need help to figure out which one to pick!

    Laurier has a great campus and I love their residence, food, and small class sizes that I was shown on the tour. I don't know much about Waterloo, but I hear they have a better all-around program and job prospects after.